TWiN 7: Stress, the good, bad and beautiful

June 13, 2020

The TWiN team reveals how the nervous system controls hair graying in mice subjected to stress, and adaptive immune responses.

Hosts: Ori Lieberman, Jason Shepherd,  Erin Calipari and Vincent Racaniello

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One comment on “TWiN 7: Stress, the good, bad and beautiful

  1. Marko Crnkovic Jun 21, 2020

    This was a very interesting episode, thank you for bringing this new research to my attention. I would comment that the limbic system is connected to everything in our bodies and through it higher brain functions and emotional states (e.g. stress) are integrated with the autonomous functions resulting in all manner of physical effects. It’s really nice to see this connection demostrated through a well-designed and thought out research talked about here. Great job by the researchers to go the distance on their work and have their hypothesis confirmed by different methods which revealed a possible neat linear pathway (or a part of the whole, at least)! And very nice explaining done by the panelists, it was easy to follow along.
    In this digital era, a decent microphone is a basic investment, and in my opinion most people should get one. It’s like coming to a meeting in messy or clean clothes, or rather, messy or clean vocal cords ­čÖé