Suellen writes:

Hey, all! Long-time TWIX member, and have listened to TWIN since it started.

Just caught the latest episode. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t hear Vincent’s “dulcet tones” in the intro! But Ori, you did a great job taking center stage.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of Nirao Shah’s portion of the show was really poor. I started out listening in the car, but moved to ear buds in the house so I could hear better. Yet another consequence of the current pandemic: everyone is on cell phones and the quality of the sound suffers as a result.

But great info, as always, even if a lot of it was over my head. Keep up the great work, TWIN team! 


Roswell, Georgia

Todd writes:

First of all thank you so so much for all the podcasts on microbe TV and the virology lectures that you put on YouTube.

I am a semi retired psychiatrist now doing telehealth 2 half days weekly, and thoroughly enjoying your programming.

I would like to suggest a possible topic for a future podcast:

Is it possible that COVID-19 is directly affecting hypothalamic control of the autonomic nervous system‘s management of the immune response?

Stay safe,

Todd Rosen, MD, FAPA