TWiM 133: Right under our noses

August 20, 2016

noseHosts: Vincent RacanielloElio Schaechter, and Michael Schmidt

Insight into the biology of rhinovirus C from cryo-electron microscopy, and a novel antibiotic from a commensal bacterium that grows in the human nose, from the doctors of TWiM.

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One comment on “TWiM 133: Right under our noses

  1. Greg Vance Jul 23, 2017

    Fantastic show, thank you so much for contributing to the enlightenment of the world community. I was trying to retell the story (mechanisms) of this novel MRSA defense strategy using lugdunin, which is essentially good bug vs bad bug (perhaps something we should be investigating further, like phages), and forgot the details told by Michael Schmidt how it disrupted multiple pathways, however transcripts do not appear available? So will have listen to the podcast again, which is not a bad thing as I often miss things when my mind wanders on the ramifications of a particular mechanism you bring to light and I dont hit pause.

    My comment is: I think it would increase the audience, and usability, of the material you present if it were also available as a transcript. Obviously this is a cost, and it is preferable to have more content than less, but with notes available. Perhaps your sponsors could pick up the tab and embed advertising in the transcript, as it would surely increase your audience and exposure.

    So grateful for all I have learned and the insights you offer.