TWiV 432: Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

March 12, 2017

DNA glovesHosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson DespommierAlan Dove, and Kathy Spindler

The TWiVites discuss Zika virus seroprevalence in wild monkeys, Zika virus mRNA vaccines, and a gamete fusion protein inherited from viruses.

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Weekly Science Picks 1:25:50

Alan – Raspberry pi
 – The Worst F&#%ing Words Ever
Dickson – NASA images of climate change
BrianneHow herd immunity works
Vincent – Radioactive boars in Fukushima

Listener Pick

Margaret – DNA socks and gloves

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees.

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4 comments on “TWiV 432: Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

  1. Steen Mar 12, 2017

    I like Alan’s pick. The Adafruit page linked is nice, but the Raspberry Pi foundation page is even better, with a nice easy-to-remember URL:
    They sell $5 and $10 models too, with most of the functionality —
    I use the camera boards designed to go with the Pi for time-lapse photography of my plant experiments. The version 2 cameras are 8 megapixel—resolution as good as many smartphone cameras.

  2. Farshad Mar 14, 2017

    Would it be possible to cut the weather report and get to virology, the reason we are here?

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