TWiV 396: Influenza viruses with Peter Palese

July 3, 2016

Peter PaleseHost: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Peter Palese

Vincent speaks with Peter Palese about his illustrious career in virology, from early work on neuraminidases to universal influenza virus vaccines.

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4 comments on “TWiV 396: Influenza viruses with Peter Palese

  1. Richard Spaete Jul 6, 2016

    Peter’s a good skier too!

  2. Jon Wurl Jan 4, 2021

    Someone recommended the Barry book on the 1918 influenza pandemic, and I Googled reviews and found one by Dr Palese. I am a regular listener to recent TWiVs and I recalled the name, and did not know until today (when I read the Wikipedia article) that he was Vincent’s advisor in grad school.

    That is all to say that I got led to this podcast and it is amazing how many topics that they discussed are relevant to the Covid pandemic, although maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Another great show — highly recommended!