TWiV 109: Virologia en México

November 28, 2010

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rosa Maria del Angel, and Ana Lorena Gutiérrez

Vincent visits Mexico City and speaks with Rosa Maria del Angel and Ana Lorena Gutiérrez about virology in Mexico, and their work on dengue and caliciviruses.

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Weekly Science Picks

Lorena – Caliciviruses by Hansman, Jiang, and Green
Vincent –
Insights into dengue virus genome replication by Alcaraz-Estrada, Yocupicio, and del Angel

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2 comments on “TWiV 109: Virologia en México

  1. Chris Feb 10, 2011

    I thought of this podcast when I read this article in Nature:

    Yes, I know it is a different country. But the important thing is the work on diseases with mosquitoes as a vector for malaria. I am sure this could interest Dr. Despommier. Also, it is where William Gorgas used very strict methods to deal with mosquitoes, and deal with yellow fever.

    I found it interesting because as an Army brat I lived in Ft. Clayton, the site of the “City of Knowledge” while in 8th grade (then we moved to Ft. Amador, on the causeway, right near where the Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum is being built). I want to visit there when the museum is open, and see all the changes since the USA pulled out (when I lived there the Panama Canal Company was essentially part of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and was much like living in a British Colony with very distinct class levels and institutionalized racism, even though the “Gold” and “Silver” pay classifications were history. There was even segregated high schools, like Paraiso High School and Balboa High School on the Pacific side.).