TWiV 102: Catch me if you can in Munich

October 10, 2010

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Andrew BakerKarl-Klaus ConzelmannPeter Palese, and Katharina Eisenächer

A conversation about the RNA sensor RIG-I, adenovirus gene therapy, a universal influenza vaccine, and rabies virus, recorded in Munich, Germany at the SFB455 symposium ‘Viral offense and immune defense’.

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Katharina – Deutsches Museum
Vincent – HHMI holiday lectures on science (thanks Judi!)

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4 comments on “TWiV 102: Catch me if you can in Munich

  1. Anonymous Oct 10, 2010

    Great episode.
    And thanks for the great answer to my influenza question. It turns out, though, that about 2 days after I submitted that question I made it to your Virus Assembly lecture on iTunes U, and you cleared it up very well in the lecture.

    It’s really interesting how sophisticated viruses can be when you don’t expect it.


    • It’s ok that you got the answer to your question before we read it on
      this episode – remember that thousands of others are also learning.
      TWiV is not just for one person.