For episode #200, the TWiV team went behind-the-scenes in a biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory. Produced by MicrobeWorld of the American Society for Microbiology and Boston University School of Medicine.

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15 comments on “Threading the NEIDL

  1. Absolutely great video! Nice to see all the engineering that goes into creating such an incredible space!

  2. Absolutely amazing, how am praying this place gets working soon. Maximum security, safety and containment possible in our day. Thanks for the video, I was completely hooked and realised at the end that I had been smiling for the whole hour.

  3. Rob Loch Raineach Aug 26, 2013

    Awesome… It is an amazing look inside the world of virology and everything behind a bsl-4. Thanks.

  4. Mauri Aug 31, 2013

    very good video. Being a scientist I’m not envy of people that will work there. Try to imagine, if you have ever worked in a lab, what does it mean to stay the whole day embedded in a suite.
    More, I really do not understand why did they built this facility in the very center of a crowded town. I’m sure it is safe but … why do you want to add an even sub-decimal risk. You want to have it close to Boston? Do it in a less crowded area.

  5. JakePharmD Sep 2, 2013

    I probably never would have been able to see the inside of a facility like this without the help of TWiV and Dr. Racaniello (great cast as well). Big thanks for this production! Starting to wish I was a virologist…

  6. Maria Jul 13, 2015

    I could not see the video since there was a sign “Sorry There was an issue with playback” It occurs to me that this BSL4 facility would have been functional and available YEARS ago if its goal was to be part of preparedness for a pandemic of dangerous viruses. Our small obscure university in the NY to Wash DC corridor created a unit that is prepared to take in Ebola patients should the need be, and we have furnished it with state of the art diagnostics, Hepa-filtered air handling, and trained medical personnel. All high density populations (like Boston) should be so prepared.

  7. Outstanding Video !

  8. Jan Stockton Apr 18, 2020

    EXCELLENT virtual tour! Thank you!
    1). How frequently will be /are employees tested for exposure to the pathogens they are experimenting with? Is this even possible?
    2). How frequently will/are BSL4 Labs inspected for safety/risk mgt. protocols & by whom?
    3).Have any BSL 4 Labs ever been decommissioned & by whom?
    4) How many BSL Level 4 Labs worldwide receive funding from the U.S.?