Public Health with Laurie Garrett: Wastewater Testing

October 4, 2022

Laurie Garrett discusses the role of wastewater testing in public health and her idea of a device that could be used by anyone to analyze water samples.

This podcast is not an episode of TWiV, but I thought it would be of interest to listeners.

Laurie Garrett and Vincent Racaniello

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7 comments on “Public Health with Laurie Garrett: Wastewater Testing

  1. You are a great public service. Makes me happy for the tech medias that carry you. Thanks so much from an elderly person.

  2. Tom Joad Oct 5, 2022

    Excellent show.

  3. Michael Schmidt Oct 6, 2022

    Fantastic episode. As I often offer, it is always the sprouts. Thanks to Laurie and Vincent for sounding the call to action. Looking foward to your next episode. Let’s all help in the ‘big think’.
    Michael Schmidt

  4. Elisabeth Gleckler Oct 10, 2022

    I love to hear Laurie defend public health. She is one of the people on the national stage who talks about the nuts-and-bolts of the public health system. Great to hear her.

  5. If only people understood that it is better – from a health perspective as well as financially – to invest into prevention rather than letting things collapse and afterwards help build it up again…

  6. Not an espisode of twiv? Really. I’m only a few minutes in an already I want to sequence the blood from personal mosquito bites here in Fiji…