TWiP 103: Scroll down, please

February 13, 2016

Echinococcus granulosus adultHosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

Guest: Michael Libman

The TWiP-scholars solve the case of the Housewife from Kolkata, discuss mutations in the IL17 gene associated with cerebral malaria, and hear a case presentation from guest Michael Libman.

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 Case study for TWiP 103

This week’s case concerns a 42 yo male, refugee in Canada, from DRC, former Zaire, where there is unending civil war. Upper middle class, professor of French at university. Had been imprisoned, tortured, lived in jungle for a few years, reached refugee camp in Tanzania, moved to Canada. Came to health care system 15 months after arrived. Was sent to psych, unstable emotionally, delusions, hallucinations, depression, post traumatic issues. Was under psych care for ~1 yr, did not improve, became worse. Sent to hospital. History: talked about having minor injury, hurt lower back, pain there bothering him. Some anemia (normochromic), basic hem/chem/urine/liver nothing remarkable. Physical exam, nothing remarkable. HIV negative. Some evidence for chronic inflammatory condition: sed rate 60 (elevated), had diffuse increase in IgG, IgM. Developed some low level autoantibodies; anti-nuclear, p-anka, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies. Slightly elevated fever for a few days, then few days or week with no fever. No eosinophilia. Radiology: on CT did have some mediastinal, aortic, axillae lymphadenopathy. Prob screened in Africa for malaria and treated; prob also got ivermectin. Also got head MRI: not completely normal, classic nonspecific midbrain abnormality. Diffuse mild edema. Weight loss not remarkable. No visual problems.

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2 comments on “TWiP 103: Scroll down, please

  1. Oren Kobiler Feb 15, 2016

    An old Israeli kid song which I think is appropriate “Why there are mosquitoes in the world?”
    (many things are lost in translation, sorry)

    Why there are mosquitoes in the world?
    Mosquitoes, why they exist?
    Disturbing and biting, sucking human blood
    From the blood they live, and cause only scratching.
    Why do they even exist?
    Mosquitoes exist for frogs
    that enjoy them as delicious dinner
    There are for frogs!

    Why are frogs in the world?
    Frogs, why they exist?
    They stand in a swamp, already hoarse croak
    Mosquitoes exist and Hiros just cause.
    Why do they even exist?
    Frogs are for storks
    Which are devouring and one leg stand.
    There are for storks!

    Why are storks in the world?
    Storks, why they exist?
    They always wander, corruption fields,
    Not too smart, only cause destruction
    Why do they even exist?
    Storks, obviously, bring children
    Which will be nice people.
    Storks bring children!

    Why there are people in the world?
    People, why are there?
    They make worlds and make wars
    Why do they even exist?
    There are for mosquitoes
    Which exist in the blood of people!

    So do not become proud man
    And do not increase hardness.
    Any being here in the world have a reason to live
    Please do not hurt a flea on the nose stands
    The day will come for him one more child would be born

  2. Charlotte Marie More Apr 6, 2016

    I am about to finish my BSc Biomedical Science in London and I would like to work in research so I am planning to start an MScR the projects I have been looking at are in drug design against parasites having just finished my project on NMT-inibitors as anti-Leishmanial agents. I have some book allowance left from this year which I’d like to use for something useful for my next move can you recommend any good textbooks?
    I’ve been listening to TWiP for 2 months after one of my lecturers recommended TWiM I love it. It has helped me keep up with reading, helped me to start to analyse differently and given me more confidence after hearing you guys speak and other TWiPologists letters it has shown me some of my personality traits are the scientist in me.