TWiM 118: Spore-drops keep fallin’ on my head

January 4, 2016

Spore catapultHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Elio Schaechter and Michele Swanson

On the last episode for 2015, Vincent, Elio, and Michele discuss how soil amoeba hunt nematodes in packs, and the role of mushrooms as rainmakers.

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One comment on “TWiM 118: Spore-drops keep fallin’ on my head

  1. Stefan Geisen Apr 4, 2016

    Just discovered this nice episode.
    Well made and nicely discussed comment on our pack-hunting paper; quick reply to the question what would happen if you add one single amoebae: it would multiply and a clonal pack would do the same thing as observed (they were actually grown from clonal cultures).
    But lets say if only one amoeba was existing before trapping the nematode- no idea if that would be able to kill it alone- would be a nice side study!
    very interesting hypotheses you came up with, we should study some of it 🙂
    Keep on with this great work!