TWiEVO 70: On Life’s Edge with Carl Zimmer

August 3, 2021

Carl Zimmer joins Nels to talk about science writing, science communication, viruses, and his new book, On Life’s Edge.

Host: Nels Elde

Guest: Carl Zimmer

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Links for this episode

Science Picks 1:11:10

Nels Remembrance of Dick Lewontin
CarlFrom telomere to telomere: the transcriptional and epigenetic state of human repeat elements

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One comment on “TWiEVO 70: On Life’s Edge with Carl Zimmer

  1. Hi Nels and Vincent,
    I am a research scientist at the Fred Hutch working on brain cancer research, and I only learned about TwiEvo about 5 or 6 months ago. I have listened to a smattering of the podcasts from the very beginning and I am working my way backwards as well. Because of this, I am listening to podcasts from early on in the pandemic, and it is both funny and scary how accurate some of your conjectures were! Thinking about variants, annoyances of steps of the pandemic that now seems so long ago. It has been very interesting to hear your analysis of the virus that is affecting our lives so much.
    Finally, I just listened to your 5 years of TwiEvo celebration, and as a woman in science I was happy to hear so many female scientist contribute to your show. It made me think of acquiring the data: what was the ratio of men/women scientist that you invited to participate, and how does that compare to the ratio of those who responded? It makes me think of questions of voices being heard, and it was an inspiration to hear such inspirational scientists excited about evolution.

    thanks for all the work you do to entertain and inform.