TWiEVO 64: Seeing the lineages for the variants

January 22, 2021

Nels and Vincent consider evolution of antibody immunity to SARS-CoV-2, and update the situation on novel virus variants of concern with potentially altered fitness and reactivity with antibodies.

Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

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Science Picks 1:41:02

NelsBiden Administration PCAST and The Hill We Climb
Vincent – Four inaugural quotations – Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Biden

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4 comments on “TWiEVO 64: Seeing the lineages for the variants

  1. Tatiana Jan 23, 2021

    1. Why is there no youtube video for this one? At one point it sounded like Vincent was displaying something that Nels was discussing in detail and pointing out features of, but I couldn’t find the image to view to be able to follow what was being said.

    2. Nels is both brilliant and politic, but sometimes his thoughts move faster than his speech, and he ends up rephrasing things again and again, cutting off one idea before he’s finished saying it in favor of the next. I think he can sometimes pile clause after clause after clause on top of one another but never finish the sentence. I know how hard it is to discuss things on the fly like this, especially nuanced and complicated things, but I struggle to follow his meaning much of the time. It’s frustrating because I really want to understand the ideas he’s discussing.

  2. Anonymous TERF Jan 23, 2021

    TWiEVO 64 raised for me a painful general question. Can we trust ideologically possessed scientists?
    I’m talking about your selection of figures to compare to Biden with quotes. Why didn’t you include Hitler in there? He is the closest predecessor. “Democrats” have already organized two events that have parallels, “Reichstag fire” and “The Night of the Long Knives” in Hitler’s Germany. The “Night of the Long Knives” was modified for today’s vegetarian times, the opponents were not stabbed but only excommunicated, but the essence has not changed.
    How long will it be before you Vincent suggest testing drugs on the inmates of Trump supporters’ re-education camps?

  3. @Anonymous TERF,
    I’m not sure I understand your comparisons. Certainly, we can not trust ideological people of any origin, least of all ourselves.
    The Reichstag Fire and the Night of the Long Knives are historic events without parallel to the raid on the Capitol and the call to bring the perpetrators to justice much less Biden’s call for unity in uncivil times.
    Some might say this is not the forum to discuss this comparison… but it seems there is never a good time to draw these comparisons. I, at least, would like to understand what you mean. Please help.
    It is unclear who perpetrated the Fire – not so with respect to the Capitol.
    The Night of the Long Knives was a purge within Hitler’s own party – not so with respect to the call to hold the insurrectionists to account.
    Vegetarians kill plants on a daily basis – they aren’t as innocent as you make them out to be. Honestly – explain yourself.