Ajinkya writes:

Dickson was pretty awesome in twiv 438. No, really, he did !



Nadia writes:

Hi all in TWiV land,

Last Friday, I was glad to get to meet TWiV co-host Kathy Spindler for the second time when she gave a seminar and workshop during the Yale Science Journalism Symposium on Communicating Science. During one of the workshops, Kathy gave us exercises to help us practice communicating science. For one of the exercises, we had to describe our favorite protein and what it does in the first person. I chose the protein I am studying, which is an abnormal fusion protein in acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, so I naturally I acted like a villain! Kathy made it fun and I learned a lot about how to describe science in an accessible and clear way. Thanks Kathy!

An issue that arose during the symposium is that while we all can agree that science communication is important, some worry about the impact of being heavily involved in communicating science in the popular media will have on their career. Kathy made the point that I would like to echo, that active scientific communicators should be rewarded and not be penalized. To that, I would add that the success of TWiV, and the existence of a “TWiV bump”, is evidence of how valuable communicating science is; and how everyone should and CAN do it. Apart from communicating science, the TWiV co-hosts have created a community. The community of TWiV listeners from near and far, scientists to science-lovers, is a powerful force for science.

Thank you all and keep doing what you’re doing.


Daniel writes:

I am a recent graduate from Rockefeller University (from Paul Bieniasz lab) and our Paleovirology work was just published today in eLife (attached file). In this work we resurrected the envelope protein of a primate endogenous retrovirus and found that a copy of this envelope gene, present in the genome of humans, gorillas and orangutans, was most likely co-opted to combat similar retroviruses in the distant past (through a mechanism resembling receptor interference). I thought that you might be interested in this publication and I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you find it interesting

Have a great day

Daniel Blanco Melo, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Microbiology

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Anthony writes:

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