Neil writes:

Dear Vincent

I wanted to convey my excitement about the special guest for the upcoming anniversary episode 400, which I just heard announced on the latest episode I listened to. My time as a postdoctoral fellow in Harold’s lab (1990-1993) was a period that changed my life, and I learned so much at UCSF that has stayed with me ever since then.  Please send my regards to him and let him know that I am one of many scientists out there who have benefited from his mentorship.

Also – I really enjoyed the episode with Peter Palese, who I know from my time at Aviron, where I worked after my postdoc.

One day, you should have Nahum Sonenberg from McGill University on the show – then you will have covered all my postgraduate scientific mentors!

Windy, mild and sunny here in in the SF bay area!

Best regards



Neil Parkin, Ph.D.

Data First Consulting, Inc

Belmont, CA

Trudy writes:

Dear TWiVers,

I’d like to make a suggestion for a pick of the week.  Last week’s episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, titled “Scientific Studies” hits upon all the topics discussed on TWiV when it comes to sensationalist science news reporting.  John Oliver mentions that science news reporters rarely provide sources and context of studies, and instead overemphasize insignificant or meaningless results, making sweeping conclusions from single, poorly conducted experiments.  The show also discusses the importance of sample size, the importance of repetition of experiments by others in the field, and hilariously hints at the fact that “mice tend to lie”.  

It’s very funny.  Enjoy!

All the best,


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