Kathy writes:

I think the plant virologists may write you about this with more information, but when you discussed what is different about plant viruses that isn’t already included in POV, the fact that they don’t use surface receptors to infect cells immediately came to mind. How plant viruses enter the plant and plant cells and how they disseminate via movement proteins have some different features from other viruses.

And if we are not supposed to use “expression” with respect to proteins, what word(s) ARE we supposed to use? How are we to refer to more than just the translation of proteins, but things like their being “expressed” in various locations, e.g., on the cell surface? I’m at a loss for words here.

Jim writes:

Hi Vincent,

Dr White has been netcasting since 2008 and seems to share your values about teaching.

His site is Surgery 101 and this link goes to it and a YouTube video he did, “Surgery and the Singularity” where access to the archives, etc., can also be found.

I thought the two of you might benefit from swapping ideas, if this is new info for you. I think he or whomever edit’s his podcasts could do a better job with the sound inserts.

Lastly, your students might appreciate two other medical professionals who recently started podcasts. One is a premed student who does Lost in PreMed which led me the the Medical School HQ done by a flight surgeon.



Smithfield, VA

CN writes:


In your recent episode “TWiV 230”, a listener queried regarding SARS. I must say that you did a very good job in explaining and summing up the current scenario. I wish to cite you a link to EID podcast that has provided excellent information regarding the same.

Link: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/pages/sars-10th-anniversary.htm

“Time devoted to someone is time given”. I understand from your conversations that you spend almost 5-6 hours a week for TWiX, and spend additional time on your background reading. I and probably 4.5K listeners around the globe appreciate it (Number is aprox, based on likes in fbk).

I find it very brutal that you couldn’t be nominated at the science podcast, because you produce a higher quality detailed science than anybody else. (At least from the podcasts I listen, your’s is the best).

If I could suggest a listener pick of the week that would be Steven Pinker’s “How Mind works”. I’m sure, any person who has the least understanding of neurobiology will be able to grasp the literature written here. Its just too good.

Thank you, Never ever let the TWiX stop.

P.S: Plz Let Kathy speak more.

TWiX fan and a regular listener

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2 comments on “TWiV 246 letters

  1. Leslie Aug 18, 2013

    Hi Twiv’ers, I am looking for the links to the videos you speak of around 1:18:00 in the episode, thanks! (please put on your FB page)

    • Do you mean the podcasts recommended by Jim in his letter above? The links are there. Otherwise I don’t find a video reference around the time you specify.