TWIV 236: Flu gets the VIP treatment

June 9, 2013

broadly neutralizing HA antibodiesHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, and Kathy Spindler

Vincent, Alan and Kathy review novel approaches to preventing influenza virus infection.

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Alan – Psychology of antivaccinationists
–  Virology on Coursera
KathyMeteorites through the ages

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Basel – Self-medication in animals
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4 comments on “TWIV 236: Flu gets the VIP treatment

  1. TWiV 236
    10:00 email from Eckard Wimmer (see paper #1)
    12:00 recoding amino acids by other nucleotides attenuates polio in mice
    13:00 recoding (de-) optimization based on codon pairs
    15:40 Alan thinks it takes longer to replicate
    24:50 Palese said :
    general live virus vaccines are host range mutants.
    Just reducing replication doesn’t make good vaccines.
    Also one wouldn’t like to have HA-deficient vaccine strains for a flu vaccine.
    You want as much HA as possible.

    26:30 2nd paper

    39:50 3rd paper

    48:30 emails,letters

  2. I’m doing a research paper about flu virus and I passed by at this wonderful site. I’ve visited some of the links here and it is really helpful. Thanks so much !

  3. David Gronbach Jun 25, 2013

    I just wanted to let you know that you have all created another virology addict! I have a lot of fragmented education with no formal accreditation but that is about to change! On Thursday I start class to earn a diploma in BioTechnical research. This will give me the entry level foundation I require to pursue a higher degree and I’ve decided to aim for Virology! Someday I hope to actually earn formal credit for all those YouTube classes I’ve been taking from you online 🙂 Who knows, you may even see my smiling face in NY one day at Columbia U!