TWiV 195: They did it in the hot tub

August 12, 2012

Boiling Spring LakeHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan DoveRich Condit, Dickson Despommier, and Ken Stedman

The complete TWiV team meets with Ken Stedman to discuss the discovery in Boiling Spring Lake of a DNA virus with the capsid of an RNA virus.

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2 comments on “TWiV 195: They did it in the hot tub

  1. It was great to see Ken discuss this extreme virus research with great enthusiasm. With all the human virus talk these days its nice to switch gears and talk about this. I still scratch my head at how a tombusvirus icosahedral capsid (closely realted to the TBSV plant virus capsid) could package a DNA instead of RNA genome such as this and be stable at pH 3.0 at elevated temperatures.  TBSV is considered a “weak” virus with critical cation-stable cites required just to be stable.  These cation sites are also apparently conserved within this virus.

    With all that aside…I’m excited to see how this story unfolds. I would also love to see Ken bring his enthusiasm and be a contributor to your show 2 or 3 times a year. He fits perfectly with you guys and its nice to mix it up with this type of virology 🙂