TWiV 184: Reforming science

May 20, 2012

adenoCD virusHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, and Alan Dove

Vincent, Rich, and Alan consider how to reform the scientific enterprise to make it more effective and robust.

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3 comments on “TWiV 184: Reforming science

  1. Jamison May 25, 2012

    Wow! This episode is bookmarked for relistening. I was really drawn into
    the scope and frank discussion of core concepts that literally run the
    world of science as I have come to know it. I have always admired
    Vincent and companies opinion regarding the need for openness and
    transparency of science, but
    even then I had no idea how incredibly dire the need was until it was
    ranked it terms that your average joe could digest. I assumed that the
    21st century system for funding, disseminating, and application of
    scientific research is primarily based on universally grounded
    principles itself and it appears that it is just not so. Competition is
    an essential tool for some areas of science, how much did we gain as an
    aside because Edison and Teslas ideas fought for supremacy? Never the
    less it can also cost us unmeasured leaps in human progress when we
    waste effort competing for the same end. Brilliant astronauts and
    cosmonauts died fruitlessly because governments define the benefits of
    competition as gospel rather then dynamic. Discouraging
    cooperation/collaboration of data amongst scientific experts is
    irrational far beyond sharing the vapid benefits of prestige and wealth a
    hundred times over. In words that make the most sense to a tax payer
    like me: why the hell isn’t the science of science based on the science
    of science? There is no shades of grey here… A scientist should
    believe that data and research is either open source or close minded,

    • Sven Enterlein Feb 3, 2015

      Definitely one of the most eyeopening episodes yet! I’ll share expecting that nothing has changed yet…