TWiV 157: Better innate than never

November 13, 2011

dendritic cellHosts: Vincent RacanielloRich Condit, Alan Dove, Dickson Despommier, Jeremy Luban, and Gabriel Victora

A large TWiV panel remembers Ralph Steinman, and considers a new innate sensor of retroviral capsids.

Photograph of a dendritic cell (green) interacting with T cells (cyan) near a blood vessel by Gabriel Victora.

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Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
Rich – Battlestar Galactica
AlanColeman LED quad lantern
GabrielA History of Immunology by Arthur M. Silverstein
JeremyPrinciples of Virology by Flint, Enquist, Racaniello, Skalka
Vincent – Principles of Molecular Virology by AJ Cann

Listener Pick of the Week

DavidCarl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot (YouTube)

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2 comments on “TWiV 157: Better innate than never

  1. Jim in Smithfield, VA Nov 23, 2011

    I like Alan’s Coleman lantern which leads to thoughts about  Joule Thieves or Thief, a thread on the net about pulsed power from “defunct” batteries to run led’s and even Compact Fluorescent Lights. One YouTube video shows use of a high voltage coil from a car, in a circuit that can be tuned, and several CFL’s being run from a used 1.5v battery, at , and here’s a small packaged version, at .  I think the joule thief concept has gone viral.  Some proponents are suggesting this is perpetual energy and even couple solar cells to joule-thief-lit led’s to charge the battery that’s powering the led…..!  So, anyway, this concept apparently produces very long-running lights even for led devices that are useful in power-deprived areas, like New England – hah.  We recently used our garden solar power led’s to save generator fuel in the evening during a power outage of several days!  If you could run duplicate lighting circuits for led’s in your house, you could probably light the whole place for a week or two off a car’s 12v battery.  And that leads me to suggest  The Third Industrial Revolution book  by Jeremy Rifkin as a science pick, or you can listen to an interview where he talks about lateral power production at .

    Smithfield, VA

  2. Jim in Smithfield, VA Nov 23, 2011

    Vaccines in older people: I’m 70 and the flu vaccine this year and last did not cause a local reaction as it always has in years past.  Until this podcast I attributed the reduced reaction to a declining immune system, but it may instead be due to the lower concentration of virus as you guys stated.  I think my wife may have seen a reduced reaction, also; I can’t give her age, but she’s 3 years younger!