TWiV 141: Mickey gets HCV

July 10, 2011

hcv miceHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich ConditDickson DespommierAlan Dove, and Matt Evans

Matt Evans joins Vincent, Rich, Dickson, and Alan to deconstruct a mouse model for hepatitis C virus infection.

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Matt – Benezra letter to NIH (pdf); (NIH response and Nature commentary)
Dickson –
The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman
Alan –
Earth’s First Steps by Jerry MacDonald
Rich – Final space shuttle launch and NIAID paylines
Vincent – Hertog Global Strategy Initiative

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4 comments on “TWiV 141: Mickey gets HCV

  1. Glubbdrubb Jul 12, 2011

    Could you lower the bitrate of the mp3’s for us low bandwidth people please. This podcast is 112 MB and took 5 hours to download.