Retroviral RNA

Reverse transcription part 1

Reverse transcription part 2

Reverse transcription part 3

Reverse transcription part 4

Reverse transcriptase protein

Reverse transcriptase and template-product



Retrovirus replication

Hepatitis B virus DNA

HBV replication

Viruses with reverse transcriptase

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6 comments on “Reverse transcription

  1. biocjs Jan 19, 2010

    In all figures that show the RNA genome of retroviruses, the two RNAs are shown in such a way that suggests that there is homology between the two strands – downstream from the pbs and between the pol and env genes. However, since the two RNAs are shown in the same 5' to 3' orientation, it is impossible for the two RNAs to hybridize, since that orientation is parallel, not antiparallel. Is this just a case of an artful presentation being copied over and over again without artists thinking about biological reality?

    • There is base-pairing between the two retroviral RNAs at many points,
      but clearly the complementarity is not co-linear. It's not impossible
      for the two RNAs to hybridize in the 5'-3' orientation as shown. For
      example, bases 12-18 might hybridize with bases 24-30.

      • biocjs Jan 20, 2010

        Right. Those figures of retroviral RNA have bugged me for years, since they imply something that's not possible.

  2. Carrie Lingle Jan 24, 2010

    In this podcast, you mentioned a couple of times a connection between retroviruses and cancers. Are some/many/all cancers caused by viruses?