TWiP 213: One deadly snail with Jessie Stone, MD

February 4, 2023

Jessie Stone joins TWiP to solve the case of the Boy With a Swollen Belly, and discusses Soft Power Health, a clinic that she founded in Uganda to provide healthcare for people in need.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, and Daniel Griffin

Guest: Jessie Stone

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Case Study for TWiP 213

A 49 y.o. German male is seen with significant gross hematuria. He reports no travel outside Europe but does report that he visited France twice, 7 years before and 1 year before. He reports swimming in the Solenzara River in the southeastern part of the island, near a busy campsite. He might have gone into the Gravona River in western Corsica near Ajaccio, at a turtle park and near a campsite, and at the Tavignano River. The patient also reported swimming in the Restonica River. He reports never swimming in the Cavu River and using GPS data from his smartphone and camera, he reconstructed his bathing sites precisely and this history was confirmed.

Exam was unremarkable. Complete blood count was unremarkable and did not show eosinophilia.

This complaint triggered cystoscopy and biopsies that were sent for histological analysis. These findings triggered referral to the Tropical Medicine department at LMU Hospital Munich.

Now in the next episode we will have a guest to discuss this case as well as tell us a bit about themselves. I am hoping people will tell us what they think this might be but then perhaps do a bit of research and go into a little more detail.

Send your case diagnosis, questions and comments to

Music by Ronald Jenkees

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