TWiP 23: Strongyloides sterocoralis, a most unusual parasite

March 3, 2011

s_strecoralis_freelivingHosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson review the life cycle and pathogenesis of the world’s most unusual parasite, Strongyloides stercoralis.

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2 comments on “TWiP 23: Strongyloides sterocoralis, a most unusual parasite

  1. Heather Sep 27, 2020

    does genotoxicity mean inhibits humans from procreating or the parasite from being able to reproduce?

  2. Caton, the lady country farmer Feb 17, 2021

    I have lots of questions and hope that there will be lots of time for discussion on the next TWIP episode. Perhaps the primary one is: given we are in a major epidemic, should there be a national worming campaign for Strongyloides right now?