TWiM 195: Gingipain in the Alzheimer brain

March 4, 2019

Michael and Vincent discuss the finding of immunity to Cas9 protein in humans, and a potential role for an oral bacterium in Alzheimer’s disease.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Michael Schmidt

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One comment on “TWiM 195: Gingipain in the Alzheimer brain

  1. Rich Bradley Mar 24, 2019

    Dear all,
    As today is world tuberculosis day I thought a future TWIM focus on TB might be in order.
    There was a joint London/UCSF video presentation and debate on Friday at a World TB symposium hosted at the Francis Crick institute, and it was mentioned that Florida had just approved spraying streptomycin (and oxytetracycline) on citrus trees and the US will be the biggest users of streptomycin (still an important second line drug for TB – that has now overtaken HIV as the world’s biggest killer at 1.7m deaths a year, including 0.3m due to HIV co-infection). The US speaker added that the benefit of streptomycin had not been proven in any case(!)
    By the way the US debater had a slide with a Matt cartoon showing two street cleaners having a talk with the caption “we need migrants to do all the jobs Brits won’t or can’t do, like prime minister or leader of the opposition….”
    Many thanks for all the interesting podcasts.