Anthony writes:

I love microbes!

Through the lens of TWiM, the most common things can be seen to be really remarkable, a wonderful invisible world.

Thank you.

Chris writes:

I love microbes!

In fact, I look forward to new episodes of the entire family of podcasts.

John writes:

I love microbes!

Hi TWiMers,

I’m an avid listener to the all the TWiX podcasts and this is my first email to TWiM.

To be honest, I find TWiM to be the most difficult TWiX to listen to in terms of content. The breath of biology leaves me floundering sometimes as a non-biologist.

TWiV has “Virology 101” and Vincent’s lectures to give me a simplified vector into the the jargon and the (usually) more macroscopic nature of TWiP’s case studies offer an accessible follicle to parasitic knowledge (not forgetting the excellent “Parasitic Diseases 6ed”). I’ve been reading (pop-sci) books about evolution for years from the like of Dawkins, Nick Lane, Sean Carroll, Neil Shubin, Matt Ridley, Jerry Coyne, and the likes, so I had a bit of a leg-up for TWiEvO. (Based on Vincent’s gushing about Jonathan Weiner, he’s been moved to very near the top of my reading list).

TWiM ranges across archaea, bacteria, eukaryotes; fungi, amoeba, slime-moulds, prions, biofilms, the microbiome, immune-response, deep biochemistry ; funding mechanisms, peer-review, lab-techniques; and sometimes the discussion hinges on very specific (some might say arcane) technical points.

Nevertheless, when I’m groping around trying to find my way, it is heartening to hear one of the crew chime in saying that they got a bit lost too because a paper was outside their area of expertise. It gives me the courage to stretch my weary brain just a little further to regain the thread out of the maze.

Thanks a lot for the great podcast,

I look forward to many more,

Thanks and Regards,

John in Limerick

Scott writes:

I love microbes!

Hello TWiM team,

I would love the opportunity to win this giveaway! As someone who has a hobby in home brewing, food microbiology has always targeted my interests. Thanks for everything that you all do.

Wan writes:

I love microbes!

Dear twimmers,

Thanks for the wonderful podcast! I was really excited to hear about the contest and simply had to stop the podcast to send out this email.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Wan Yi from Singapore

Tyler writes:

I love microbes!

Hello everyone,

I’m a Masters student at the University of Florida studying Microbiology and Cell Science with a concentration in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry. Really enjoy your podcast considering the program is online and there isn’t much verbal communication. Your episodes help fill that gap, plus hearing different applications of the material I’m learning has broadened my outlook of the field of microbiology.



Brian writes:

I love microbes!

Julie writes:

I love microbes!

Love your show!  I work as a clinical microbiologist in Denver,Colorado and listen to TWIM whenever I get the chance.

Ainan writes:

I love microbes!


For entry to Food Microbiology Book giveaway. I love your folks’ show!

Yohann writes:

I love microbes.


Another satisfied listener!

Good work cereus”ly”!

Trudy writes:

I love microbes

Noah writes:

I love microbes

Hi guys! Your podcast is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Tanner writes:

I love microbes

Hello Vincent, Elio, Michael, and Michele!

I figured I would give winning a book a shot while reaching out to give my appreciation! My name is Tanner and I’m a Technologist at a national reference lab specializing in esoteric testing based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love listening to your podcast every week while sitting under the hood doing my science. TWiM #150 is the episode that really got me hooked! It was so nice to see the appreciation for lab technologists and to see just how much we impact patient care. Unfortunately, I think the idea of how important we are is sometimes lost. Thanks again!

Can’t wait for the next episode,


Yesol writes

Hello Dr. Racaniello,

I really, really love microbes!

Actually, it’d be more accurate to say that I love LEARNING about microbes so that I can protect patients — I am a nurse. I am an oncology/BMT nurse and so microbes are fearful things for us…

I tried my luck at winning a book before. I’m hoping for a better luck this time. But regardless, thank you so much for your shows which have transformed my long daily commute!

Jayme writes:

I love microbes.

Thanks, I love your show.

Hope writes:


My name is Hope, and I’m a rising high school senior from Maine. I absolutely love listening to TWiM and learning what I can from it. I listen to your podcasts every night when I go to bed (although it bores my 12-year-old sister to tears). When I graduate high school, I would like to pursue a degree in Molecular/Cellular Biology, and TWiM has played a large role in encouraging that interest of mine. Thank you for all that you do!

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