Tom writes:

For the article letter about microbial batteries, I think CV refers to Capacitance times Voltage, which is stored charge. In electronics, current is abbreviated I not C.

The claim in the letter got me thinking about microbial batteries and I wrote a blog post about their theoretical capacity. They have potential!

Nancy writes:

Hello TWIM team,

Since discovering you all I have been binge listening to TWIP and TWIM. Most enjoyable to listen to the discussions and very good leavening for the mind.

The point I wish to make seems so blindingly obvious that I hesitated to write to you about protecting patients from infections in the hospital. All this hand sanitizing and of its cleaning goes on but where is the attention paid to the patients’ hands?

There is no hand sanitizer offered before meals or on hand by the patients’ beds. I have not seen this visiting my local hospital as patient or visitor.

Maybe I am completely wrong and this protocol is in place  but if not this is a big missing component.

Thanks for the hours and hours of fascinating knowledge.

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