TWiM 40: A mecca for microbiology

August 29, 2012

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloStanley Maloy, Waclaw Szybalski, and John Kirby

Vincent and Stanley meet with Waclaw Szybalski and John Kirby at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on the occasion of its designation as a Milestones in Microbiology site. They reminisce about how the well known laboratory has advanced the science and teaching of microbiology, and discuss John’s work on the soil dwelling, predatory myxobacteria.

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One comment on “TWiM 40: A mecca for microbiology

  1. Lyndsey Morgan Mar 1, 2018

    Is there a transcribed version? I am a microbiology grad student and would love to hear the information provided. However, I am deaf and unable to.
    Is there a link or a version that has the script?