TWiEVO 3: Recombination is for the birds

January 9, 2016

Taeniopygia guttataHosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

Nels and Vincent discuss the evolution of recombination in the genomes of birds and yeast.

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Science Picks

Nels – Tardigrade horizontal gene transfer (The Atlantic article)
Vincent – Einstein’s theory of relativity changed everything

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One comment on “TWiEVO 3: Recombination is for the birds

  1. I haven’t finished listening to this complete episode, but I want to say thank you for such an informative episode and podcast! I am excited to hear the discussion of the papers, but more so the introductions that Nels gives to the topics. Nels’ explanation of what’s happening with recombination was very good for me; only in the last few months (via MITx’s 7.28x courses on Transciption and Translation) did I learn that recombination was likely necessary for meiosis to occur, and this idea has had me wondering why. What Nels described help elucidate some of the reasons for that. It is a fascinating aspect of meiosis.

    Drs. Racaniello and Elde, thank you again for the discussions around these papers (and your questions, Dr. Racaniello, are ones I would ask, too so thank you for asking them!). The podcast is very engaging, and Dr. Elde’s style suggest he is a great teacher. On-line course in evolutionary biology, please!