Matters Microbial #26: Cultivating the hidden microbial majority

February 1, 2024

Today, Dr. Cameron Thrash of the University of Southern California will discuss marine microbiology, an extremely…ubiquitous…microbe (with a name every #Micronaut should know!), conducting research at sea, and his path in science.

Host: Mark O. Martin

Guest: Cameron Thrash

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  • Here is an essay describing the Great Plating Anomaly and a criticism of that approach.
  • A wonderful video (scan forward to 27 minutes in for the relevant part) about the discovery of SAR11.
  • An interview with Dr. Stephen Giovannoni about marine microbiology.
  • An introductory overview of Pelagibacter ubique and a more thorough review.
  • How the genome of Pelagibacter and other small microbes have been “darwinnowed” over time by evolution.
  • A review article about Pelagibacter and regulation.
  • Here and here are two examples of Dr. Thrash’s CURE approach with undergraduates.
  • Here is Cameron Thrash’s faculty website.
  • Here is Cameron Thrash’s really quite awesome laboratory website.
  • For indispensable links to myriad fascinating articles about microbiology, check out Cameron Thrash on X (formerly Twitter) (@jcamthrash) and BlueSky (@jcamthrash

Intro music is by Reber Clark

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