Matters Microbial #27: Broccoli sprouts, gut health, and microbes for all with Dr. Sue Ishaq

February 9, 2024

Today, Dr. Sue Ishaq of the University of Maine joins the #QualityQuorum to tell us about the relationship between what we eat and our microbes, as well as making microbiology more inclusive to everyone.

Host: Mark O. Martin

Guest: Sue Ishaq

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  • An explanation of Charles Darwin’s quotation about having a bad day. 
  • The laboratory website of Dr. Michael Baym, who sent me that quotation as a metal plate for my lab.  Much appreciated!
  • An article about broccoli metabolism.
  • An introductory article for the public about broccoli consumption and IBD.
  • A 2023 article from Dr. Ishaq’s group suggesting a relationship between consuming broccoli sprouts and reduction of inflammatory bowel disease in mice.
  • A 2023 article from Dr. Ishaq’s group relating the consumption of steamed broccoli sprouts to reduction of inflammation in mice.
  • A very readable introduction to the concept of microbiology and social equity.
  • A link to a number of essential articles relating microbiology and social equity—microbiology should be for EVERYONE.
  • The faculty website of Dr. Ishaq at the University of Maine.
  • The WONDERFUL laboratory website of Dr. Ishaq.

Intro music is by Reber Clark

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