Matters Microbial #9: Colorful microbes, citizen science, and tools for all

September 29, 2023

Today Sebastian Cocioba, a citizen scientist with myriad interests, talks with us about his path in science, some of the tools he has made for others, and how he views science and scientists. 

Host: Mark O. Martin

Guest: Sebastian Cocioba

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  • The article on Carl Woese that I wrote can be found here.
  • An article on the felt sculpture of Carl Woese is here.
  • The artist who created that sculpture, Amy Wright, has a website here.
  • The American Society for Microbiology’s moving and informative video about Carl Woese is here.
  • A heartwarming snippet from “Ted Lasso” regarding the Walt Whitman quote is here.
  • Here is a great interview with Sebastian Cocioba.  
  • Sebastian Cocioba’s website is here.  
  • Sebastian Cocioba’s online research notebook is here

Intro music is by Reber Clark

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