Immune 58: Gut B cells awry in ulcerative colitis

August 3, 2022

Immune explains a study of three cohorts of patients with ulcerative colitis which finds major perturbations within the mucosal B cell compartment, highlighting a potential role for these cells in disease pathogenesis.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Cynthia Leifer, Steph Langel, and Brianne Barker

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Music by Steve Neal.
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One comment on “Immune 58: Gut B cells awry in ulcerative colitis

  1. I am a dentist in Toronto and have been watching your various podcasts as I believe you folks are truthful. I admire this as I have struggled to do the same thing on the topic of restorative dentistry for the Canadian Dental Association. The internet is a flood of misinformation. Unfortunately that CDA platform has ceased. Given this review on gut issues, might it be possible to do a podcast on periodontal disease. Often I have seen oral lesions in those suffering gut immunological problems. Also the persistence of gum disease once the teeth have been cleaned. Obviously host response to oral microbes is at play. Many thanks for the work you do. Bringing truth to social media is vitally important. Dr Paul

    PS. I have taken the liberty of leaving a link to one of my posts in the url box. No need to publish it if inappropriate.