Tracy writes:

Dear Daniel:

My husband tested positive for Covid for the first time since the start of the pandemic. He is a 63-year-old lifelong smoker with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. All the drugs he takes are contraindicated for Paxlovid. He opted to stay on his regular drugs and skip the Paxlovid treatment. His doctor told him the alternative molnupiravir has been proven completely ineffective for Covid in clinical trials. This sounds erroneous to me. With his health history, it seems he should try molnupiravir to avoid severe outcomes. Would you weigh in?

Thank you!

Shay writes:

Hi Dr Griffin,

Listened to you from the start of the pandemic, and really appreciate your guidance and commitment to the data.

I know people can get long covid/PASC from reinfections, but do we have evidence that it’s less likely than from first infections? Given the documented change in long covid risk from different variants/vaccination, is it even possible to know this?




J writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin.

During your TWIV update that dropped on 4/1/23, you shared a lot of compelling evidence for taking Paxlovid. However, it is still not clear to me to whom this applies? Are the data now so compelling that anyone who gets covid should take Pax within the first 5 days of symptoms? Or anyone 40+ should? Or only those 65+ with comorbidities? As a relatively healthy 47-year-old, albeit a not very physically active one with mild asthma and a history of depression (all seem pretty well within the range of healthy folks I encounter), am I and others like me in the “Yes! Take Pax!” category, or are we squarely in the “No! Pax is for very immunocompromised folks and those with serious medical conditions and/or very advanced age!” category? 

You recommend that everyone have a plan, and I am trying to make a plan and have asked my PCP about this as well, but I cannot get a good, data-based answer on risk/benefit or general recommendation. I think there are millions of folks in similar circumstances, and any light you can shed on this would be wonderful.

With appreciation,


Nanette writes:

Hello Dr. Griffin, 

Is there any evidence to support the use of low or regular-strength aspirin for one month, during the period of highest risk for stroke, heart attack or death after a COVID infection?  Thank you for keeping us up-to-date throughout the pandemic.


Nanette Zunkel, DNP, FNP-C

COVID-19 Services Director

Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc.

Portland, OR