Taren writes:


Should I get a 2nd mmr dose for my toddler? We live in the U.S., but not Ohio. Still…..wondering what you think. Also, do you have any knowledge as to how many of the children hospitalized with measles have only had 1 shot? I have seen data on the number infected with only 1 dose, but not the number hospitalized.

Thank you for all you do. 


Peter writes:

Daniel, Great show! I just received my fifth covid-19 vaccine. I noticed on the insert it says, “effective in preventing COVID-19” and that’s from CDC Moderna fact sheet. Your team has always suggested otherwise, it doesn’t prevent infection, it prevents hospitalization and death. What’s wrong here?  



Leona writes:

Dr. Griffin,

Thank you for all you do for us with your weekly clinical updates. You have quite a following in Southern Oregon, and I’m certain it makes a difference in the care of our community! I was recently asked if vaccines contribute to the development of new variants of COVID-19. It seems this has been in the news recently, too. What is your understanding of the impact of vaccines on the formation of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus? Thanks so much.

Leona O’Keefe, MD

Public Health Officer

Medford, OR

1ruthie writes:

I’m a public health nurse so immunizations and education about those immunizations is my job

I was listening to a NFID podcast with dr Stanley A Plotkin  he said something I don’t understand or maybe I misunderstood.

He said that the mRNA  vaccines don’t stimulate very good long term protection so that needs to be worked on.

My impression was that antibodies wane with time but we still have fairly good protection against serious disease.

I also thought there wasn’t much research on B and T cell response to covid vaccines.

What am I missing?  I really want to make sure I’m sharing correct information.  

Judy writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

Thank you for all you have done to educate us lay people and for keeping us up to date with data/information that we can trust. We appreciate you so much!

My mom is in long term care with dementia , no other underlying health conditions beside the beginnings of dysphasia.  88 years old.

I did what you suggested  –  I contacted her Dr. and pharmacist to come up with an action plan in case she contracts COVID -19.  (She is fully vaccinated and had COVID in Feb , 2022. Thankfully with only mild symptoms. ) Her pharmacist said she qualifies for Paxlovid however he said the challenge is Paxlovid shouldn’t be crushed.  This is how her medications are administered. 

Just wondering if crushing them would still be beneficial for her or what would you suggest our plan B should be.

Most appreciatively and love your bow ties!

Thanks again,