Martin writes:

Dear Twivers

Happy birthday today to the one-and-only Kathy Spindler! Yay! Hope she’s available for the next podcast.

Best wishes to y’all,




Ryan writes:

Yes this is not the first time that a specific virus had to be renamed due to current research. Yes this virus was originally reported in Monkeys but since the current wave came out it was later revealed that rodents are listed as a carrier of MPOX.

Brenda writes:


Twitter has let this idiot back on

According to the link:

Lindsay was first locked out of Twitter in May for writing “The scientific name for long covid is vaccine injury” and posting information critical of government officials’ narrative on Covid. He was then permanently banned for “hateful conduct.”

All the serious Long Covid sufferers I know got it in the first wave long before vaccines came along.

Seems to me that the medical folk should call this guy out on a regular basis.

Free speech is all very well but.

Who could sue him? 

Long Covid from the first wave as a class action?

Vaccine manufacturers as a group?


Black Isle Scotland 

Charles writes:

Hello TWiVers;

52F, 11C and sunny in central NC.  Should be that way all week.

During TWiV 956 one of the letters talked about wanting to get an N protein test.  You can get one for $73.73 in most states (not New York or New Jersey).

With all of the problems with the test telling you anything meaningful, I don’t know why you would get one, but if you want, you can.


Anonymous writes:


I am a regular listener to the weekly TWIV podcasts. I really appreciate all that you do for the public.

Since the beginning of covid I have been very careful with masks and vaccines etc..

The problem is that I have 4 kids under the age of 12 and my wife cannot take it anymore. She feels that all the restrictions like wearing a mask in public are taking too much of a psychological toll on the family, especially the kids. 

She doesn’t want to take any more precautions besides staying up to date with vaccines. 

I disagree with her and would like her to continue to wear masks in public because of the risk of long-covid. I realize that it is very hard for kids to wear masks in school. However, I feel that when there is a surge in cases, it may be warranted.

(I personally caught covid in april and I had brain fog and fatigue that persisted for months.)  I also have kidney disease that puts me at slightly higher risk. 

This disagreement is causing tremendous stress on our marriage and we have agreed that the only way forward is to have a third party with medical expertise listen to both our sides and help us reach an agreement.  

Can you please offer me your advice? Is there anybody you know of that would be willing to hear both of the arguments and guide us?