Philip writes:

I understand there is a Dengue vaccine approved for people who have had a previous Dengue infection, proven by lab work.

My question is how does one actually receive one? A call to a major travel clinic (Passport) has not been fruitful.

Any advice?

Also is Vivotif Oral Typhoid vaccine back on the market?

As always, thanks.

Mark writes:

I keep seeing folks swabbing all over their throats instead of their noses for RATs.  I think addressing that would be a great question!

Best wishes,

Mark Martin



Mark O. Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

University of Puget Sound

Anonymous writes:

Dear Daniel, 

I have heard you warn against using steroids in the first/early phase of Covid illness, but does this apply to inhaled corticosteroids too? If someone has a cough and chest congestion in the first 5 days without respiratory compromise and normal O2 Sats, should inhaled corticosteroids be used? Would it do harm? 


Long term listener 

Jeff writes:


Do you have any update on when Covid boosters will be available for children under 5?


Jeff in Phoenix

Joyce writes:

Hello Daniel – 

I am a lay person and a long time listener.  I found Twiv in May 2020 and have listened every week since.  It is not possible for me to express the amount of comfort your work has given me.  Thank you.

My question is with regards to my mother and the refrain you and Vincent sometimes have of “we’re scaring the wrong people”. She is 80, has a heart condition but does not need statins and a bunch of minor things (but is basically healthy). She is vaccinated and boosted and has access to good medical care, I have no doubt she’d get paxlovid immediately if she got Covid.

Before the pandemic my mom had an active social life in person.  Specifically, she had a weekly writing group and a weekly philosophy group.  She still keeps these up but has been embroiled in conflict over whether to go from Zoom to in person. These groups are all people her age (vaccinated and boosted) but some have young grandchildren who are (in her words) “socially promiscuous”.   She is entirely against in person, obviously.  

I’m not concerned that my mother is isolated, but I have been trying to play peacemaker.  I keep telling her that if she could persuade everyone to do a rapid test before the gathering (which is probably 2 hours) that would dramatically reduce the risk.  Further, the amount of stress this conflict is causing doesn’t seem worth it to me.  If she got Covid it would be unpleasant but I doubt it’s more likely to kill her than getting into a car accident running errands.

She asks for my advice, but constantly pushes back even when I point out that none of her friends have died or even been hospitalized when they got Covid (many have).  I do understand that most of the people dieing of covid are vaccinated (though may not have gotten effective therapeutics in time) and that in a world where everyone has optimal care some would still die.   

Can you please provide a gut check? In trying to get her to recalibrate her risk calculation, is my advice supported by science?

Warm regards,