Gerri writes:

First off thank you for all that you do and to the gang for all that they do. My question is this. I developed cellulitis in my right leg (not diabetic) and after IV Ceftriaxone was not working as fast as my physician wanted was put on Zyvox (linezolid) caplets, which resolved it quickly and that I just finished last Thursday. I have been told that in addition to the normal antibiotic side effects (and MAOI issues), this particular medicine can play havoc with your immune system. I am due for my booster and I’m in the class of people that should get it. I am concerned however that my immune system is not currently up to the challenge. What would your recommendation be on timing? I am doubly dosed with the initial vaccine and have had the two previous  boosters. I have already had my flu shot in September along with my first dose of shingrix. I would have gotten my Covid booster at the same time except that my provider was not offering that one at that time.  Thank you for your help.


Amy writes:

Thanks for the weekly TWIV clinical update—it’s really a great resource!

Given the upcoming cold&flu&COVID season, I started wondering:

if faced with a swab that returns positive for COVID and influenza — do I treat that patient with Paxlovid and tamiflu at the same time? And gosh, I feel bad for their GI tract if that’s the case.

What treatment guidelines address this?

Amy Gordon Bono, MD,MPH

Nashville, TN

James writes:


Just listened to your latest update (TWiV 945) on covid rebound. I thought I would pass this along to you.  I Know that Pfizer has been pushing for a second course and the FDA is balking at this (rightly so). So now Pfizer is putting together this trial.  There is also a ten day course being sponsored by Pfizer also at the FDA request as well. Still not happy with Fauci taking a second course in spite of the current EUA.

Based on the CID paper you mentioned (thanks for those links!), not sure if this is even necessary and wouldn’t even provide answers to more pertinent questions. 

Love Dr. Griiffin quoting Ford on learning, retirement lets me have more time to learn things.

Loyal listener 


Chris writes:

How common is severe Covid-19 in infants up to 6 months of age? 

Always enjoy all the TWiV tweevo podcasts.


Clark writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin and Prof. Racaniello,

My spouse and I are physicians in San Francisco.  For patients at increased risk for complications of flu, we wondered if there are any known significant downsides to their receiving two flu vaccinations this season and what the optimal timing of them or spacing between them might be?

Profound thanks for the best COVID-19/Infectious Disease information podcast on the web!