Karen writes:

Is there any reason someone with eczema should not get the intradermal monkeypox vaccine?

Thank you, Karen

Beth writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

I am 57 years old and I was never immunized for polio. Is this a situation where I should “run, don’t walk” to a doctor? Is there a polio vaccine suitable for adults who are first immunizing? 

The reason I am not vaccinated: I was raised in a Christian Science family and never received any childhood medical care for any reason. 

In the early 90s, I finally saw a doctor and asked to be immunized, which I was for many diseases, but not polio. The doctor said that because I was an adult, I could only get the oral polio vaccine, and that the risks of getting polio from the OPV were greater than the risks of getting it in Los Angeles, where I was living.

After listening to TWIV about recent polio cases, I’m starting to worry. 

My husband says he got his polio vaccine on a sugar cube (“best vaccination ever”), so I gather that I could have caught polio from him at some point over the past 30 years. Since I didn’t, as far as I know, maybe that’s a sign that I’m worrying too much.

I’d love to know your thoughts,


Annette writes:

Dr Griffin

I listen to you each week on TWV. I have multiple myeloma, essentially in remission but on a maintenance chemo drug. I have had 4 vaccines, the last one in April. Three months after the 4th vaccine my antibody levels are around 15,500 (up from 850 when last tested 8 months after my 3rd vaccine).  I’m confused about my next step to protect myself. Should I take Evusheld, as you recommend for the immuno-compromised  even though I know I make antibodies? My oncologist thinks it may not be necessary. Or do you recommend getting a 5th vaccine this fall that includes Omicron 5? Do immune compromised individuals need more updated vaccines or if we already have 4 will the original version be sufficient? What is the latest thinking on when to get boosted again if you already had 4 shots?

Thank you!


Jennifer writes:

Dear Vincent and Daniel,

I’d like to start with a huge thank you for TWIV (including the non-Covid episodes!) and the now multi-viral clinical updates! You are such a wonderful resource, and so generous with your time and expertise. We laypeople are truly grateful!

So even as I continue to follow your Covid guidance – and try to get my teenager to do the same (mostly with success) – I have a question as the school year approaches, and said teen looks forward to his senior year on the wrestling team. It seems to me that if the monkeypox situation continues on its current trajectory, wrestling may not be a good idea this year? Skin diseases are already a problem for the sport…. I’m worried school officials will have blinders on and think “oh, that’s just a gay thing” (as opposed to a contagious disease – thank you for repeating that!!!) and just let out kids sweat all over each other skin to skin 😬. Do you have any thoughts?

Thanks again, and best regards,