Beth writes:

The beach beast. We ran across this video of these fantastic wind-driven “sculptures” right after watching the latest TWIV, and I thought that these are a great listener pick. A superb combination of engineering, study of biological forms, physics, craft, and art. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be hanging out at the beach when one of these comes trundling by?

Thanks very much for TWIV. Still keeping us sane. If someone had told me in 2019 that watching TWIV in all its formats would be a weekly must-watch in our household, I would have laughed. But here we are. 


Beth Seattle

PS.  Nothing to do with my pick, but just an observation from a local. I live under flightlines for both of our medical helipads. I heard the medical choppers overhead several times an hour during every big surge, when it is normally a couple of times a week. Felt like a war zone mid-Omicron.

I read somewhere that the medical service area for Seattle and environs covers 78,000 square miles and five states. If you get really sick in Idaho, you wind up in Spokane or Seattle. Same for Alaska and Montana, and Oregon when Portland is overwhelmed. I heard Rich puzzling over Washington State’s high death rate. It is probably at least partly because people are flown in from other states just when they are most likely to have serious illness and die. Hospitalizations and deaths are recorded where people die, not where they came from. I imagine Denver, Salt Lake, San Antonio, and Minneapolis serve as similar service basins for neighboring rural areas and states with low vaccination rates and limited medical facilities.