Linda writes:

I adore Dixon, but he is wrong here. 

The Atlantic has become a stalwart of American press. The articles being written are of such quality that it’s hard to ignore. 

Their following on Twitter is 2 million, 1 million on Instagram! 

You can’t possibly cite 2018 circulation numbers!!

Come on, facts please. 

Always appreciate TWIV!



Mauro writes:

It’s 6:30am, the sun hasn’t come up yet, and I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot of my lab, the only car yet. I’m listening to TWiV 887 and cannot pause because it’s so engaging. This happens every time there’s a new episode to listen. Please let me start my day and go on with my PhD. 



Shiela writes:

Good afternoon, TWIVers, 

It is currently sunny, 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and we are in a high wind warning with gusts up to 70 mph here in Laramie, Wyoming. I am an undergraduate student studying microbiology at the University of Wyoming. I am collaborating with several other students for our Pathogen Microbiology course, and we are surrounding ourselves with Toxoplasma gondii, figuratively not literally. We have been able to find a great deal of information on our protozoa, yet we haven’t found anything about viruses of T. gondii. Are y’all familiar with any viruses that infect this parasitic protozoan?

We appreciate any sights you have for us,


University of Wyoming – Senior

Andy writes:

Hi twiv team, sunny and 66F in Atlanta, Georgia or 19C

I thoroughly enjoyed twiv 887 and maybe my favorite part was searching for a term other than “not smart enough” to describe vaccine hesitancy.  May I suggest “inappropriately evaluating risk”?

Thanks for all you do,


Anonymous writes:

I have CLL (treatment-naive) which is a disorder that affects immune function broadly — beyond antibody synthesis. There is a lot of interest in EVUSHELD for people with my disorder.

While I did not respond to the first two doses of Moderna, since the 3rd (and now 4th) I have had antibodies to spike protein >2,500 on the available LabCorp test.

I would like to understand the differences in protection between the antibodies we make in response to vaccination, and the two synthesized antibodies in EVUSHELD.

Should people with immunocompromised who have none-the-less responded to vaccination by making our own antibodies be getting EVUSHELD as well? 

Many thanks!

Hal writes:

Antibody dependent enhancement: Unavoidable problems in vaccine development – PMC (

As a PCP, I really am not well versed in ADE.  As of September 2021 (yes, I know this is not an elite journal source) we have not seen any antibody dependent enhancement in the vaccines we use. Has this changed? If so has this contributed to the increase in infectiousness with BA2 in addition to the inherent change to the virus itself? If not not, then if we do continue to tweak the mRNA vaccines, as is being discussed by some, will it become more likely to inadvertently create ADE? 

Help me understand this better. 


Thank you.

Hal Cohen, Internal Medicine

Anthony writes:

NYT:Help Wanted: Adjunct Professor, Must Have Doctorate. Salary: $0

My impression is that the budget priority for higher education is

1) Building — often reductio ad absurdum al la mode Third World show projects — to give alumni and other potential donors the impression of a great leap forward

2) Salaries for top administration and a few faculty

3) Athletics — again as a supposed marketing ploy. (FWIW, someone came into my shop and said that they were a Mathematician.  He said that winning teams don’t promote alumni support.)

Perhaps you can — even in a small way — break the mold of education as a scam foisted on students and faculty.  

For the Puscast revived, have you checked on CME accreditation?

For some years now a few things have fascinated me, the debacle of education, the spread and normalization of mental illness, the collapse of literacy and infectious disease — all facets of the Global Village — the last seen by WS Burroughs, but not McLuhan.  To whatever degree these boils are about to break, they’ve been festering for a long time.