Rebecca writes:

Greetings Dr. Griffin,

My 78 yr old father has Crohn’s disease and was switched from Remicade to Entyvio infusions about 2 months ago.  He also has DMII, stage 3 kidney Dz with GFR <30, bmi of 22, and looks much healthier in person than on paper. He is vaxed x3 (moderna) and boosted with Moderna.  

I suggested that he’s an excellent candidate for PREP with Evusheld but his nephrologist at Kaiser says his biologics do not qualify him.  I have two questions.  Is this true? And if so, do we have any data regarding vaccine efficacy in individuals receiving biologics?  It seems odd to me that anyone that qualifies for a 3rd mRNA dose to be fully vaccinated d/t immune suppression is not automatically a candidate for Evusheld.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution to navigating life and healthcare during this pandemic.  I am a Nurse-Midwife at an FQHC in the SF Bay Area and I have gratefully and successfully utilized the data provided in your Clinical Updates to provide information  and guidance for my staff and colleagues and for our clients and their families, a population that has been disproportionately affected by Covid-19.   I am beyond proud to say that 74% of our pregnant clients are fully vaccinated with another 4% in process with their first dose!

Thank you!

As the world opens up, I do not want to leave anyone behind.  My father included.

In Health,


Charlotte writes:

Dear dr. Daniel G,

I’ve been listening to your wonderful updates every week for the last two years. I think it’s so important your input about the antiviral medications that are available now for doctors to prescribe to Covid patients. Is there somewhere we can see the exact spelling and order of treatment you’re so kind to give it to us verbally? I don’t see it typed out in print. Is it possible to type it up so we could have step one treatment and then if that’s not available step two then step three and so on and so forth. This would be helpful for the patient as well because as you said it might not be able to get the medication and especially if you don’t know how to ask the doctor for it. It would be a big help if we get the correct spelling and order of the most important one first and second third fourth etc. You could put it in the chat or you could put it somewhere on Microbe.TV website. Thank you again Charlotte

Julia writes:

First of all – thank you both for keeping me both sane and informed over the past 24 months.

As my for question:

If someone has a positive antigen test, what are the chances that they aren’t contagious? & if yes, how long might someone test positive (antigen) after a contagious period? Is it safest to wait for a negative result before seeing one another indoors without masks?


My mother in law had symptoms of COVID-19 and tested positive 2 weeks ago. We have plans to see her and I would feel more comfortable if she took an antigen test beforehand.

My brother-in-law believes that someone may test positive for months after their first positive test, making an antigen test unreliable. My understanding was a positive antigen test meant the person was currently shedding virus and may be contagious (whereas a PCR may pick up the virus earlier and may continue to pick it up beyond a contagious period).

My view is “better safe than sorry!” but I would love an educated opinion.

Thank you in advance!!

Julia – Toronto, Canada

Kim writes:

Hello, Dr Griffin! 

My three year old was exposed in daycare last week, and tested positive on an at-home rapid test yesterday. He has cold-like symptoms and is his energetic self…So far, his younger brother (2 years old) is not showing symptoms. 

With the encouraging data from Moderna being released today and the potential of an EUA in the coming weeks, are there considerations for vaccinating young kids after recent infection? 

Should we wait a certain period of time after infection to vaccinate them? Would vaccination within a certain number of weeks potentially reduce the risks of developing MIS-C? Is there an ideal timeframe to vaccinate them to support the strongest immune response possible? (I listened to the Shane Crotty episode this morning, so this is fresh on my very distracted mind)

Thank you for everything you do. Your clinical updates and TWIV have kept me going these past 2 years.