Bob writes:

The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer

This would be a great pick for listeners. It matches TWIV’s meaty and rewarding dive into details, all told around a knuckle biting moment in history.


Anne writes:

Hey Prof. Racaniello,

A few episodes ago, you shared a listener pick for Decoding the Gurus, where the two hosts went through the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Robert Malone, discussing the misinformation presented on the episode, almost point by point.  It was a long episode, but worth listening to, imho.  That episode provided numerous links to sources of information, and one of them was to another podcast called Debunking the Funk, with Dr. Dan Wilson, a microbiologist.

It turns out Wilson regularly posts somewhat shorter videos debunking antivax misinformation.  He was a guest on this week’s episode of Decoding the Gurus, and in it, he and the two podcast hosts of DTG expressed a lot of love and appreciation for TWiV!

The episode description mentions this, but if you want to hear them discuss their high regard of TWiV, they start at about minute 29.  This episode is only an hour long.  They mention other podcasts devoted to debunking scientific misinformation, too.

As a long time listener, I know that TWiV provides a lot of value, so thank you to you and the whole crew again.  But I appreciate that folks are using your example and podcast to help spread information about science and how the scientific process works.



Beth writes:

Dear TWiV team,

Love your podcast.  I’ve been a regular listener since a few weeks into the start of the pandemic.  Consequently I have become quite a critical listener to reports about Covid-19 in the popular media. 

Today I was happy to hear a reference to TWiV in NPR’s Morning Edition  (at about 5:25 into the recording).

Inspired by Vincent’s recent picks of cooking shows, I have one to recommend called FrenchGuyCooking on YouTube. Here is a link to his most viewed video: .  (Have you ever seen another kitchen with his mix of tools?) But don’t worry, he has plenty of videos for Italian cooking.