Natalie writes:

Hi Vincent and Daniel, 

I enjoy listening to TWiV clinical updates. I am not a clinician but your information has helped me personally and provided much needed clarity and guidance at work where I often need to make quick decision about quarantine, testing and evaluate employee exposures. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly. 

Our company has made COVID vaccination mandatory. Several employees have received a temporary extension due to the medical exemption. I understand that each individual situation is unique, however, in general I would like to better understand the clinical reasons for delaying vaccination in the following situations:

1. An individual tested positive for COVID in the beginning of October and continues to experience symptoms today. The doctor stated that an individual cannot receive the vaccine while symptomatic. Presuming this individual did not receive a monoclonal treatment, what is the reason why a symptomatic individual should not receive vaccination two months after the infection? CDC only notes that individuals who received a monoclonal treatment should wait 90 days to get vaccinated. 

2. An individual who has multiple blood clots in arms and chest, has a blocked carotid artery on the left side and whose recent blood work results showed high red blood count is delaying vaccination out of fear. Should an individual with this medical history receive the vaccine (and which one would be the best) or is there a better alternative for them?

Thank you,


Kamen writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

I am a big fan of your videos at  I am an Endodontist ( Dentist) and would highly appreciate it if you can advise me on the following issue:  I had a second dose of Moderna Covid vaccine back in March 2021. Eight months later I got sick with Covid with mild symptoms( low grade fever, chills and loss of taste and smell). I recuperated in about 10 days. Now,  I am almost a month after my first symptoms started. My big question is when is optimal to get the booster shot, I am a healthy individual except I had in the past two times viral meningitis ( I take Valtrex daily). and also my thyroid is hypo, no meds used at this time. 

Thank you very much for your attention. Regards. Kamen

Louise writes:

From primary care doc-Patient is worried about the delay in vaccine availability for her toddler and was considering taking hormones to re-institute breast-feeding. Mom never had the disease but had a J&J shot and a Moderna booster. Thanks

Louise MD-Pennsylvania