Theresa writes:

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for taking the time to do the clinical updates. I am a nurse in Canada. I have two doses of AstraZeneca spread out over 3 months. I was unable to get the mRNA re: anaphylactic rxn to PEG. The talk about the third dose leaves me wondering what I can get. In Canada they are only offering MRNA ones.  On twiv they usually only talk about the mRNA vaccines and efficacy. Any suggestions for those of us that can’t get those? What is the current literature on AstraZeneca? I felt confident in my two doses when twiv indicated if you had them spread out you would be good to go. Now it leaves me wondering after listening today. Any advice?


Theresa RN

Brian writes:

Dr. Griffin,

Thanks for all the TWiV clinical updates!  My question for you is that I was diagnosed with a case of shingles 4.5 weeks ago.  It was a mild case, however my symptoms aren’t quite completely gone yet.   There’s still a little bit of a rash on my chest and some minor back pain.  I’d like to get my COVID booster now (~2 weeks out from Christmas) but I’m concerned that it might cause a shingles flare up?  Any advice?  

Thanks for all you do! 


Jennyfer writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin, 

Last year there were newspaper articles concerning the hypothesis that a vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR Vaccine) may conclude in a less strong Covid infection. What do experts say regarding this topic? 

Could this be true? As Covid vaccines seem to have a very limited time range for being effective, could the MMR-vaccine provide a longer lasting effect? 

Thank you very much!

Jennyfer from NYC

Courtney writes:

Hi Dr. Griffin,

I’m so excited to hear about the new preventative monoclonal antibodies from Astrazeneca. I had a severe vaccine reaction this past spring to the Pfizer jab. I developed POTS and an exercise intolerance that has left me wheelchair bound. At the time of vaccination I was already a long hauler from a presumed infection I had in March 2020, but I was much higher functioning than I am now. My doctors have advised me against anymore Covid vaccines. The monoclonals seem like a great option for me. I’m just curious if there’s any chance I could have another worsening of my condition from it. What is the difference in mechanism between this and the mRNA vaccines? I seem to be incompatible with all things Covid. Thank you!