Doris writes:

Thank you for TWIV and all the other wonderful podcasts!  I’m an attorney who never followed science news particularly, until the the covid-19 pandemic when I found TWIV.  As a result of listening to your podcasts, I’ve become a consumer of lots of other science podcasts and have become much more interested in science generally.  Thank you for all of that!   I am listening to TWIV-822 right now, and wanted to tell you, Rich and all the other hosts about a podcast about the history of smallpox and the smallpox vaccine called Vaccine: the human story.

This podcast is not very focused on virology or science, so it is appropriate for lay people (probably more than scientists) and anyone interested in history or the history of disease.   I believe episodes are still being produced, but the schedule seems a bit irregular.   Hope you enjoy!  



Judith writes:

Hello, Vincent et al!

I came across a really cool YouTube channel and wanted to share, possibly for listener pick of the week! The link below is for a really well-done animated explanation of how the immune system works, but the channel, Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell, has a bunch of other great videos, including more on viruses and the immune system.

Hope you enjoy!


(just a viral immunologist turned temporary stay-at-home-mama)