Selvi writes:

Hello Beloved Twiv-ers!

I was just listening to Twiv 794, in which Dickson mentions the wonderful Ornithology Lab at Cornell.  To add to that point, I thought you might be interested to know that the Cornell Ornithology Lab has a fantastic app for birding called Merlin.  I started using the app during the lockdown, when there was nothing to do except go outside and enjoy nature.  You can use the app to ID birds you see, and each time you identify a bird it saves it to your “life list”.  It has taught me so much about the local birds and it makes going on walks and hikes feel like a bit of a “real world Pokemon Go” type of game.  I highly encourage you to check it out!

Now I must return to addressing reviewer comments on my latest manuscript :/



Selvi Ersoy, PhD
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Linda writes:

Hello TWiVmeisters from smokey Seattle where it is currently 72°F(22°C) with a predicted high today of 90°F

I hope you enjoy this amazing video which has a collab with molecular biologist, Arthur J. Olson, involving a synthetic “polio particle” at 37:17. 

The Royal Institution and this video, in particular, are so cool!

I love TWiV, (and AMY on Q&A with A&V!) and have been interested in viruses since the “first” ebola outbreak. I am JUST a retired Early Childhood Educator but the facility I worked at was for a large pharmaceutical company. Parents were happy to chat at the end of the day and I was just so fascinated!

I hope to visit the Incubator (a live audience show) and also to attend the World Science Festival. Both are on my bucket list. Fingers crossed.

Also thanks to Alan for the Terry Pratchett reference many TWiVs ago. I have enjoyed several of his books since then. 

Deep respect for all you do and don’t let the minority of internet trolls get you down! There will always be 30% of any demographic that rain on other’s parades. It’s all about them, not you!