Kevin writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

Thank you for all you do as a physician and science communicator.  The way you speak – with concise, eloquent, and clear language – is admirable, and I feel as though I have learned as much about communication as I have about COVID-19 via your weekly clinical updates.  The other day, someone asked me if I have any favorite public speakers.  I confidently responded with Barack Obama and Dr. Daniel Griffin (unfortunately the inquirer was not a TWiV listener).

Anyways, I have a question regarding my grandfather’s immunization status.  In February, he received his first dose of an mRNA vaccine, and 4 days later he tested positive for COVID-19.  Thanks to your advocacy, I urged him to receive monoclonal antibody therapy, which he was finally given 9 days after his positive test (13 days after dose #1 of the vaccine).  The infection passed, and my grandfather had only mild disease. Following CDC recommendation, he waited 3 months after the mAb treatment before going back for his second dose of the mRNA vaccine.  The last time we checked, the CDC recommendation for someone in the same circumstances as my grandfather does not need to restart their vaccination schedule (in fact, my grandfather wanted and was denied a third dose of the vaccine three-four weeks after his second dose).  However, we are a little concerned that perhaps his first dose of the vaccine did not prime his immune system as well as it could have had he not been treated with mAbs.  What are your thoughts on this?  We’d like to think he is well-immunized after natural infection and at least 1 “good” dose of an mRNA vaccine, but we just aren’t completely confident. 

Thanks for teaching me lots about virology and immunology over the past year!  I cannot wait to learn more.

Best wishes,


Frank writes:
Dear Dr. Griffin,

Why do you not mention the use of daily rapid tests at school as a high quality method eliminating COVID at school without restricting socialization.  $1/student/day is not a burden. 

If the answer is waiting for FDA approval and high volume manufacturing, we need to know that and put more pressure on representatives. 

Best regards,


Laura writes:
First, thank you Dr. Griffin for your weekly clinical updates. They have been a bit of sanity for me, even when you have had grim information to share.

As COVID infections continue to rise, is it advisable for a fully vaccinated person who ends up with a break through infection to get monoclonal antibody treatment? 

I live in a somewhat medically underserved area and keep notes on the recommended treatment approaches should I need to be an advocate for myself or a loved one in a medical situation. My immediate family and the majority of my regular contacts are fully vaccinated but I want to be prepared for the uptick in cases that is starting.

Thank you again for being a calm voice in the midst of the pandemic.

Best regards,

Mesilla Park, NM