Bill writes:

My 13 yr old son just recd. the gardasil vaccine several days ago & with the approval for the COVID vaccine for kids approved, we would like to get him vaccinated ASAP. Is there a waiting period we should adhere to between different viral vaccinations such as gardasil & COVID?

Thank you,


Peter writes:


Thank you for your great work and communication skills over the last year and a quarter! I look forward to your Friday updates every week.

I’m an Anaesthesiologist and Dentist here in New York’s good Neighbor Toronto, Ontario so I was thankful to have had AstraZeneca first-vaccine 9 weeks ago with no sequela. 

I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera 3 years ago managed with 81mg ASA and every other month phlebotomy.

Because I turned 65 in late March protocols are to begin hydroxyurea 500mg.

I’ve been delaying starting my hydroxyurea until after I have my second vaccination thinking it may possibly compromise my immune response.

With all the changing data regarding VIIT after first AstraZeneca dose and preliminary reports regarding the incident after second dose I’m interested in your thought regarding second vaccine and timing of starting hydroxyurea.

Perhaps there are other listeners in similar situations that would also benefit from your input.

Keep up the great work and stay well! 


Dr. Peter Copp
Dentist – Private Practice 

Jacqui writes:

Hi Dr Griffin,

I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner and I do medical administration work for a large federally qualified Health Center in Philadelphia. My colleagues and I in medical  admin love your show.

My humble questions:

1. Now that we know that the J&J has caused about 28 ish cases of brain blood clots with HIT, could you help us compare the risks to the background  general population, people with Covid 19 infection, and  J &J recipients?

2. Could you update us on guidance for the 12 to 15 year old age group with regard to covid-19 vaccination. Could you give us a sense of when younger children will be eligible for vaccination?

3. Could you talk a little bit about giving routine vaccinations along with covid vaccinations? When will that be approved. I would love to do 16-year-old checkups over the summer and give that meningitis number two shot along with a stray Hep a or HPV plus the covid vaccine. That would be My Ideal Universe as a pediatric nurse practitioner at an FQHC.

4. Could you talk a little bit more about monoclonal antibody therapy and how to get patients access to it? I know this is a very mundane concern but transportation is an issue for many patients and now you have a six symptomatic patient who you’ve told to isolate and how are you going to get them from their home to the infusion center? Could you talk about monoclonal antibody therapy for children in particular?

That was a lot of questions. Thanks so much for all you do it’s really appreciated here in the field. You and your Friends of the TWIV podcast are really making a positive difference in the lives of the people around the world!

Jacqui Ioli, PhD, CRNP