Avital writes:

Hello Daniel and TWiV team!

I just got my second shot of Moderna today (picture with my TWiV shirt attached). I am a single mom with a 7-year-old daughter. I don’t mind isolation, but this past year has been quite difficult for my daughter and for me as a parent. We moved cross country so that I could go to grad school, and she has been homeschooling all year (we are both ready for her to be back in school!!).These things have definitely taken their toll on her. 

In a couple of weeks when I am fully vaccinated, we are going to fly back home to Montana for a visit, and then my daughter will be going to camp later this summer. My daughter is really looking forward to both of these things and I think they will be really good for her mental health. We are planning to wear N95 masks and face shields on the plane, and the summer camp is primarily outdoors with COVID precautions in place. However, I know that her risk of exposure will be increased. 

In the case of an infection in a child, what would you suggest as far as a course of treatment to try and avoid the inflammatory syndrome which sometimes occurs? Also, do you have any general guidance for vaccinated parents with unvaccinated children?

Thank you for everything you do! I have been listening religiously since March 2020 and TWiV has been a lifeline for me.


P.S. I have heard rumblings of a Pfizer pediatric trial being set up here in Pittsburgh, where it is 10 degrees C and snowing (!!) this morning and am hoping to enroll my daughter in the trial.

Avital Pelakh
Graduate Student Researcher
Department of Psychology, Cognitive Program
Learning Research and Development Center
University of Pittsburgh

Gordon writes:

Hello Dr. Griffin and Vincent

Thanks for the good discussion on the use of masks. I am puzzled by the reluctance of authorities including yourself, to recommend the use of N95 respirators. If you are trying to protect yourself against a potentially fatal infection wouldn’t it make sense to use the highest level of reasonably obtainable protection? I know N95 respirators were in short supply in 2020 but I think that is no longer an issue. You can certainly buy them on eBay. Here in La Paz Mexico I can purchase a Chinese KN95 at any pharmacy for $2. The ones I use appear to be well made with the same materials as you would find in a 3M N95. Is it that old bugaboo “we don’t have the data to show they are needed/better” ?

Personally I am not relying on a cloth face mask that meets no mandated quality control or performance standars to protect me but then what do I know, I’m just a retired health and safety professional.

Best regards,


Theresa writes:

Hello Dan,

I am a nurse working in Canada. I was not given the Pfizer vaccine because I had an anaphylactic reaction to depo/ lidocaine injection for a frozen shoulder which does contain PEG , doctors felt it could be a preservative   that caused the rxn.I was then given the AstraZeneca vaccine and now fall into that category of 55 and under, questionable about getting the second dose. What can be done for someone like me? Do you feel there will be a change in the Pfizer vaccine in removing this ingredient. Now I am worried I won’t be able to get any other vaccine. Any ideas?

I appreciate all you do and updating us on COVID-19.

Theresa Bursey RN BN